Marshill Renewables are Scottish Dairy farmers who have developed wind turbine projects in Scotland to values of over €12m and are currently developing another €6m wind turbine project.  

We are currently looking for land to rent in the Republic of Ireland for wind turbine development.

Being active dairy farmers we understand the pressures that farmers are under and how vital another source of income can be for farming families.  We can offer farmers a top of the market rent for land and at the same time we can develop wind turbines around you and your farms needs.  On our own projects we have planned turbine access tracks to co-onside with our own dairy cows tracks to dovetail the grazing of cattle and access for the turbines perfectly.  Also, using less land for tracks and working with needs of the farmer and the farm we aim to develop wind turbines in a way that won't impact the workings of your farm in a negative form.  Indeed, if the turbine infrastructure is planned correctly the roads and hard-standings needed for turbine can be a real asset for access and feed points around the farm.

As we are a farmer led company we feel we can offer higher rents and understand the needs of our landlords better than larger utility led companies.  We don't have middle men taking fees and wages and can make decisions quickly.

On all our projects in Scotland we have a percentage of local ownership with the local town.  This is a trend we would want to continue in Ireland as we believe in the long term benefits of renewable energy being shared within the community.   Owning a share in the project is also something we would offer the farmer too.  This brings a real sense of local ownership to the project.


Files coming soon.